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Metal Gear S is a webgame found at

Yeah, yeah, yeah, so you recall hearing that title before. Metal Gear. It's a reference to the masterpiece playstation game by Hideo Kojima. So what is Metal Gear S. Well, it's not just your ordinary spoof…it's really clever!

Metal Gear S is a web game that is spoofing the Metal Gear Solid. When any gamer plays a 'parody' game what they want are two things. They want a both a unique and stone cold game experience and for the game to do a good job spoofing the original series.

That's where Metal Gear S solely fails - in delivering a good innovative game but not a good spoof.

Well first let's get to the golden part. Metal Gear S is played using your keyboard's shift, ctrl, and space bar buttons. Like always, though, you move around with the arrow keys. But where the game is really innovative and retro is in its graphics. Metal Gear S is played USING STICK MEN! That's right! Simplistic stick figures that go back to the pre-NES days. The stick figures actually look cool and your character is armed with a gun to start out with. So, basically, you run around shooting the bad guys while dodging their bullets and rockets hovering above ready to destroy you. What's cool about it is you get a revolver and ten grenades. For a Stick Man game, you probably can guess how the fire comes out, right? It just shoots out and engulfs your enemy. But it works!! For some strange reason, these stick men, below 8-bit graphics, look tight! And what's better is you can hear the guys hollering in pain when they're destroyed!

Now the Vanilla stuff about the game.

If this game is supposed to be a spoof then the creators should've done a better job with the storyline. It basically has no real plot other than to go around shooting your enemies for the whole game. I mean, it's good that you can earn newer guns to do the destroying with, but what this game needs is to have a better parody of Metal Gear Solid.