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Reviewed by TRACEY SANDS

Buffy Summers is a vampire slayer based off the popular TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The X-Box game is based in Sunnydale, California. It has the same missions that you would expect to see on the television series.

Your character is Buffy Summers and the game starts out with you in a church. The purpose is for you to learn how to pick up things, jump, climb and fight. Giles, your watcher, simplifies all her moves for you.

The whole purpose of the story in the game is to kill the 'Master', a foe from the television series. To get to him you have to beat several other foes, like Angel, Spike, four Dreamweavers and many more.

The game takes you to the school, the graveyard, Angel’s mansion, the church, under the school, the bronze, and many other places based on the popular television show.

Buffy, your character, interacts with Willow, Xander, Giles, Cordelia and Angel, characters from the show. Every level that is beaten gets you a chance to head back to the library in the school and talk with Willow and the gang. You want to talk to each character because you get a clue from them.

I found this game extremely easy to operate. The levels are challenging but as a newcomer to video games I was not overwhelmed by the difficulty. The more levels you beat, the more skill you have, the more weapons you can use, and the more health you get. Plus each level gives you a chance to find the 'secrets' which you bring back to Willow and she gives you things.

You fight monsters like vampires, demons, dreamweavers, spiders, weird aliens, zombies and many more. Plus Buffy always has something smart to say to the characters. Some levels do stump you but overall it is a very entertaining game.

I would recommend this game not only to the Buffy lovers but also to people who like role playing games and action.