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Villa Thuret is a plant institute where the plants do not get it all their own way.

They get hung out to dry. Those who live in glasshouses shouldn't ....

It is war between the species, too, as it is a station for the study of entomology and also one for researching the acclimatisation of exotic species.

Villa Thuret also has a wonderful, extensive botanical garden and holds a national collection of Mediterranean tree species. No gatekeeper intrudes here and the gardeners are so well acclimatised that only one was spotted, wheeling a wheelbarrow like sweet Molly Malone, on the opening day of a major sculpture exhibition, hosted by INRA, as intellectually stimulating as any I have visited this decade.

The theme was acclimatisation and seamlessly integrating as if 'no-made' (not made) but natural.

Commercial shows can be sterile, reflecting little and supping scantily from the primaeval soup of culture, so we hope this one will be catalogued to do justice to the artists.

It's a prickly contrast.

Just maybe, when historians want a different perspective of what happened in the first decades of the millennium they will come here.

Scary stuff!

So ephemeral in this garden, even the liquid.

We're missing some.

For want of a good photograph.

Oh, keep le gardien far hence, for with his fork he'll dig it up again.

Singing swing low sweet chariot.

So the Nomade rolls on and it's time to steam away like a Homburg on the sea.