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Driverless Cars 2015

Cambridge Autonomous Mobility

Eco Racing

University church, Great St Mary's

Peterhouse chapel

The Mayor with Director and Curator, Alessandra Caggiano

Launch venue on Parker's Piece



I'm known for being an advocate of using LiFi as a means of communicating to and between driverless cars - when, of course, we eventually get both LiFi and driverless cars.

LiFi operates by modulating the output of LED lights at high frequency to transmit data. We will not get LiFi for some years but we do have plenty of LEDs around including many on the roads in the headlamps and tail lights of cars.

If you were ever an enthusiast for son et lumière in the 20th century, you end up spoilt for choice in seeing buildings illuminated these days with LEDs.

Cambridge is on its third e-Luminate Festival, that runs in February, and here are a few early images from the launch two days ago (11 February 2015). e-Luminate patrols the boundary between arts and technology so is well suited to an innovative city. It certainly casts the City of Cambridge in a new light.

Cambridge University Eco Racing's solar powered vehicle

Cambridge Blue - King's College

Old Schools and Senate House gone stripey

Not quite Ionian white and gold - Corinthian Fitzwilliam Museum

Peterhouse blue

Old Schools four days later

Senate House

Painting with light at Queens' - turning the Cam blue