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Stropke is a beer from the land of beers, Belgium.

Belgium counts many small and large breweries and every town has at least one brewery.

Stropke is brewed in Gent by a small brewer who has 2 or 3 other beers in his portfolio.

So what is a Stropke ? A hanging knot in local dialect.

At the times of Charles V, many inhabitants of Gent had to pass in front of Charles V with a hanging knot around their neck to show submission. Gent has always been known a 'rebel city' and the bourgeoisie did not want to submit themselves. This tradition of the hanging knot around your neck can be found in local festivities, such as the 'Gentse Feesten' (festival of Gent, 10 days of music, fun, beer and amusement).

What does the Stropke taste like ? It is rather special.

Amber colour, contains a lot of gas and is drunk in a high glass with a bowl at the bottom. It has a taste that brings you back to the times of Charles V. It is definitely not a sweet taste as most of today's beers. It is a beer to enjoy with friends or alone, together with a snack (crisps not allowed).

You can drink a few of them and not feel very drunk although the alcohol is fairly present.

The best, I think, is that after drinking 4 or 5 of them and waking up in the morning, I feel great. NO hangover. You were hung by the Stropke the night before.

So if you are in Gent, just ask for it, although not all bars have it.