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The long-awaited full-length debut CD has finally been released. Dream Into Dust's past work was impressive and had a huge impact on me, and The World We Have Lost certainly doesn't fail to deliver the goods a great album ought to contain.

It is, for sure, the most beautiful yet haunting album so far. Dream Into Dust have outdone themselves with The World We Have Lost.

It is a rather epic piece, and hold such a high quality that it would be meaningless not to say that it is a milestone within the industrial/experimental scene.

I remember when I listened to Dream Into Dust for the first time. It was the debut EP "No Man's Land", which was even darker and more gloomy experimental industrial.

The songs on this CD flow in such a way that they seem to be one. I would be hard to choose a beginning and ending point of each song. Though the songs blend well together, the styles explored are very diverse. From sample-filled dark noise to sombre neoclassical to apocalyptic folk to ambient drones, the music remains in motion all the time, bringing together the above elements as well as waves of dark orchestral strings, acoustic guitars, pounding rhythms. The lyrics are filled with sadness and decay.

The songs on this album bring us into the dark and sinister world of Derek Rush. Compared with No Man's Land this album has much more singing, and musically we also find some new elements, e.g., a bit of folk sound in some songs; a slight touch of melodic gothic rock can also be found on this album, but, all in all, Dream Into Dust play in a dark experimental neo-classical style which attacks you with war-like rhythms and terrifying sounds.

This album is a real beauty in darkness. The World We Have Lost is one of the best pieces to arrive out of the experimental scene. It's rare that a CD has made such a great impression on me, but Dream Into Dust have produced a CD so unique, so diverse, and so beautiful that it is truly a masterpiece.

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