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The Guildhall (I am a fan of square window openings in lower storey rustication, one of the most felicitous architectural devices popularised by the Rennaissance!)

The Liter of Light installation

'Where hope is measured in plastic bottles'

Great St Mary's, the University church

No moon above as in 2016....

Kings' College Chapel

Looking towards the Senate House. A few of the lawns are almost like gardens in the range of uses they are put to, particularly this one in front of Kings'.



10 February 2017

Across the lawn in front of the Senate House, of a moonless night, amidst the occasional snowflakes in the East Anglian air, Cambridge's 5th e-Luminate Festival began today. (Downloadable video, 11.3 Mb, 19 seconds).

Here are early first day images.

Senate House and Old Schools

Old Schools, the administrative heart of Cambridge University

Projection cycling onto the Senate House

.... and here, nearest to Kings' College, onto the left of the Old Schools

Old Schools from the space in front of Great St Mary's

.... and with spectators in it

The canopy of the Liter of Light installation near the Guildhall

.... made up substantially of illuminated plastic bottles