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Tomorrow Is A Long Time has been covered by an impressive crew.

My own playlist, ordered this way for variety, runs:

Nickel Creek, Sandy Denny, Elvis Presley, Nana Mouskouri, Bob Dylan Whitmark Demo, Joan Baez, Chris Hillman, Judy Collins, Bob Dylan Live Town Hall NY, Odetta Holmes, Deborah Kooperman

and is not exhaustive.

There is not much to choose in quality between some of these. Nickel Creek has a 21st century classic, Elvis is superlative, Chris Hillman produces a revelation of what country can do by way of arrangement and then there is Odetta. Deborah Kooperman is added to have a jobbing musician at the end amongst the stars.

Of these only Odetta and Elvis are known by their first names though if you talk of Sandy, Nana, Bob or Joan most people know who you are referring to.

Bob Dylan wrote the song.

It is said Elvis heard the Odetta version and became obsessed by it. I can well believe it. The king recorded it on 26th May 1966 as a bonus track for the album Spinout. Bob Dylan is reported as having said the Elvis cover is "the one recording I treasure the most".