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Live racing is not to be disregarded this summer.

Public events are limited to 5000 people but nothing like that number will have been at this meeting.

The start time is chosen to keep the horses cool and the racing is under floodlights.

Even a horse coming fifth knows not to be camera shy as the mugshots support a nationwide betting industry.

For everyone else it is like attending a masked ball as light levels drop.

It is, of course, mainly trot racing.

A winners' enclosure and a parade ring have been built since the last visit but there is scant interest in them or in carousing though refreshments were popular. People largely stayed in family groups or occupational groups if in the racing business.

There are different types of track, essentially concentric, so you get a restricted view of what it is going on when it is far away. Movements when not racing can be more like the activity on taxiways at airports, to get horses exercised and in position. [1]

The winner of race 3, Guérande.

The jockeys can be the tallest persons on the racecourse and it made do with one professional photographer.