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A shopping evening also took place on the racecourse

Nell Gwynne's house and cottage

If the reviewer gets to it this rolling review will end with the Palace House Stakes by which time winter will be truly over.

Call me the breeze as the song goes, for one wafted through the Tattersalls sales ring from the horse entry door to the horse exit door, at the town's annual Rotary carol service in mid-December in aid of, appropriately this year, Open Door. Thank you everybody for a very professional and safe show.


It is not possible to conclude this review with a visit to see the Palace House Stakes at the Guineas meeting so a visit to the Craven Stakes breeze-up [3] will have to do. It is already good weather:

This August the turf is unrecognisable - but this is exceptional - and you get an umbrella when you do not need it. Gaudy it is.



Newmarket has always been an outdoor town and it has a grand processional route up an inclined high street to the clock tower but if anyone has processed up it in recent times it has tended to be dignitaries or vintage cars or torch bearing runners or horses who outnumber the human residents two to one.

It is amazing what you can get on the back of a trailer and for a single evening the high street transformed itself into a Gaudy Strip with portable houses and myriad entertainments and then flooded itself with people moving up it as the hour approached for the Christmas lights to go on.

After the previous gloomy winter of coronavirus this was quite a happy and symbolic achievement.

It's snakes and ladders really

We all know here about Nell Gwynne's Cottage near to Palace House

.... so who wouldn't build a cottage in a day off a lorry?