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30 June 2019

The march of development has taken over and the mural is gone but development can also bring cultural promise: not too far away a new conservatoire is planned.

5 July 2019

There is a long history of music here. One of the best Fats Domino recordings is of him performing live here in 1962.

Spotify screenshot

Future conservatoire

Ray Charles by Myriam Garcia from the show, Couleurs du Jazz

9 July 2019

Clerestory of new building for sailing club

4 October 2019

The conservatoire combined with a dramatic arts school will have 1000 students, which is a lot for a city of this size, and will build on its heritage as a place for music making and will make it eventually, in my view, the leading centre in this part of the world for music much as Antibes' Port Vauban nearby is the premier location for luxury yachting in the western Mediterranean. I spent two consecutive summers in 1977 and 1978 in Gustave Flaubert's old villa, long since demolished, and saw the mega-dock being built.

I might have been interested in the construction but thereafter I have had a weather eye on design emanating from the luxury yacht industry. Again, I have a curiosity in the construction but it looks like I'll be hooked on the music before long.

A friendly city but one with the right type of ambition.


John William - with a very good voice not much heard outside France - was sent to a concentration camp and won the legion d' honneur. Buried Antibes 2011: [1]

2 September 2020

Conservatoire under construction and emerging behind theatre

2 July 2021

Conservatoire will be functioning for the new academic year in autumn 2021.

17 February 2022

4 June 2023

I attended a public concert in the new 299-seat Auditorium Hector Berlioz in the Conservatoire today given by Marie-Pierre Langamet (harp) and Julien Beaudiment (transverse flute), both well-known international performers.

Described to me as a pretty auditorium you must see, its surfaces, other than the seating, were mainly wood and wood laminate, designed to angle sound waves and to break up or damp sound. There would be little chance of standing waves here even though I have not heard any bass yet. So much wood gives a fairly plush and relatively intimate feel, without being grandiose, that suits a teaching environment.

Not only was the music well-played and innovative but the performers were entertaining as well.



The mural by Parisian street artist Nicolas Barrome Forgues was unveiled by the mayor of Antibes on 21 June 2018. It was created in association with the Nuits Carrées street music festival a week later and the collective 2.5.2.

As external murals rarely survive long in pristine condition and the photographs were taken three weeks after, the work is recorded here.


Maybe you have to grant a certain musical rationality to the parsing of architecture

16th edition will take place in its new location, no longer at the Fort Carré but between the ferris wheel and the carousel, by the port

Toutes les couleurs

Conservatoire and theatre lie beyond

Their artists include Monkeybird below:

Permanent mural by the stencil artists with adjacent landscaping underway for the public gardens

Couldn't resist a drop of the pun